The 1st App


Well I’m almost finished with the first app.  I have some finishing touches to add followed by the testing process.  It’s currently scheduled to be released sometime in January or February 2011 if Apple approves it in a timely manner.  I know they’re probably backed up from the after Christmas submission onslaught so it might be late February/early March.  This one is only planned to be released in the Apple app store at the moment, but I’m thinking about entering the Android market as well.  I have two totally different ideas for my next two apps.  I don’t want to write about any of the main content for my upcoming apps until the development for them is further down the road, but I will update the site with more info on them soon.

The next two apps that I’m planning to release after this first app are actually games so they’re going to take a bit longer to finish then this first app will take.  Development on this first app has been on and off so it’s taken longer than it should have, but I have added a couple of things that might not have made the initial launch.  Anyways,  I have so many ideas that pop into my head randomly for mobile games, but I won’t complain, that’s a good thing.  That means I can spend more time actually working on them rather than brainstorming initial ideas.


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