My Best/Favorite of 2010 List


Best Album:

The Black Keys – Brothers

This album is truly amazing.  From start to finish every song has its own feel, but all of them have a dash or more of grime and soul.  This album sounds like it could have come from decades ago, but somehow it still feels fresh and new.  My absolute favorite tracks from the album are The Only One, Too Afraid To Love You , and The Go Getter.  Honestly though you can’t go wrong with any of these tracks.  In the land of music where some albums only have a few good tracks this album breaks through and gives you a full dose of magnificent music.  Two guys delivering this much music with this much soul is intense especially with lyrics like “Stumble home in the pouring rain.  Let the water ease my worried brain.  Some days I just can’t get alone.  I need a head to lean my shoulders on.”  Wow.

(Runner Ups for Best Album:  Gorillaz – Plastic Beach, Interpol – Interpol, Foals – Total Life Forever, Local Natives – Gorilla Manor, Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Soundtrack, Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown, The Dead Weather – Sea of Cowards)

Best video game goes to….

Best Video Game:

Mass Effect 2

(Developed by BioWare.  Published by Electronic Arts)

Excellent gameplay, great dialogue, exceptional characters, grand sound, smooth graphics, and more.  The list of what Mass Effect 2 does right goes on and on.  I’m sure there are many other developers out there paying close attention to what ME2 accomplished and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I think it’s ok to be influenced by what someone has done in the world of gaming as long as you don’t try to completely mimic them.  Bioware should definitely be proud of what they brought to the table with Mass Effect 2.  With such a talented team I’m sure Mass Effect 3 will be even better, but I can wait though.  I have at least one more playthrough of ME2 to finish until then.

(Runner Ups for Best Video Game:  Heavy Rain, Blur, Halo Reach)

Best Movie:

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

When I saw the preview for this movie I didn’t think it was going to be good at all.  However instead of just dismissing it I pushed the poor preview aside and watched it in the theater.  Now I own the Blu-ray.  I’m not sure how you could mess up a preview with such a good movie but the one I saw sure didn’t do this movie justice.  This was the funniest movie that I’ve seen in a while.  Great visuals, dialogue, sound effects, and music.  If you grew up with video games(mainly Nintendo) and music like me then this movie is for you.  Don’t make the mistake I almost made.  Ignore the preview, see the movie.

(Runner Ups for Best Movie:  Inception, Book of Eli, Wall Street 2, The Social Network, Toy Story 3)

Best Mobile App:

Cut The Rope

(Developed by ZeptoLab.  Published by Chillingo Ltd)

Now I know what to do if a cute little green thing ever shows up on my front doorstep.  Cut The Rope is a really good app and it’s only .99 cents!  This game is easy to get into, but it does present a nice challenge in the later levels especially if you want to go for all three stars.  It’s fun, innovative and has a very neat concept with bright clean visuals.

(Runner Ups for Best App:  Game Dev Story, Little Metal Ball, Tilt To Live, Freaking Inkies, Inception-The App)

–Yes I know there might be some albums, video games, movies or apps that didn’t make this list that could have at least been a runner-up, but I don’t have time to consume tons of media.  That’s a good thing.–


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