Waiting For Review…


Well after a long night of final testing and the submission process, the first app has been submitted to Apple.  The submission process was a bit cumbersome, but after it was complete it all started to make sense.  There was only one important step that I initially missed, but I guess I was just so excited to submit the app that I kept overlooking it.  I’ve learned from that though so next time it will all go much smoother for me.

The app is currently waiting for review so once it’s approved I will release all the details and etc.  I only found a couple of bugs before I submitted it, but I fixed those before I sent it so it should be approved easily.  It’s a very neat yet simple app but the process of developing it wasn’t entirely easy.  I definitely got my developing feet a little wet with this one which will of course help me with future apps…….Future Newb Apps that is…wow, I know right.

Anyways, development on the second app started electronically a few weeks ago.  I started on the main story, some ideas and the art on paper a while ago so I was able to basically jump right into it.  So far its been exciting and fun and I can’t wait until its complete.  I had a tough time deciding which app to work on next but I figured this one would take less time so I went with it. I’m very pleased with the first app though, it looks and runs great.  I love the feeling of finishing something and being proud of it.  I’m also currently going over ideas for an internet commercial for the first app which I plan to release once the app is in the market or shortly after.  Until next time…


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