Best Originality award goes to…..


Me!!  My game, Detective Deep, won the award for “Best Originality” which I believe was well deserved.  It’s not 1st place but it’s definitely not last.  The “Think Outside The Box” game competition ended a couple of weeks ago and the results were released a couple of days ago.  I think I may have won more awards or maybe 1st, 2nd or 3rd if the video I submitted for my game would have done my game more justice.  I used a free online screen recording program and it made my game look like it was lagging several times.  I should have researched more and found a better program to capture video, but I was running on barely any sleep and I had to get something in that showcased my game before the deadline.  Oh well, the important thing is that the game itself runs smooth.  I’ll find a better program to record gameplay prior to its release in the app store to make sure the game is presented with more quality.

There was some great competition during this contest and I do believe the game that won 1st deserved it.  The game was made by Gamers Rejoice and it looked very neat and kind of reminded me of LittleBigPlanet a little and that’s a great series.  Even though it was hard and tiring developing an app in the required 3 week time-frame, I’m definitely glad I decided to join this contest and develop my game.  If it weren’t for the motivation of being in this contest I might not have come up with my game and the ideas behind it that make it so unique and original.  I’ve already thanked everyone involved on the Gamesalad forums for making the competition so pleasant.  I had a great time being a part of this competition and I’m looking forward to any future ones.

I’m still currently testing my app and fixing any hiccups along the way.  I’m also polishing it up some more to make sure everything is seamless and presented well.  As soon as all of that is complete I’ll be sending it to Apple for the approval and then it will be on the app store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  I’ll keep the internet posted through updates on my site and through the tweets!

Winners were announced here:


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