Codename Bit & Detective Deep Lite


Hello there!  For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on the overall performance for “Codename Bit.”  I want to make sure the game engine is running the game as efficient as possible to my knowledge.  The more I develop, the more efficient I become in game design, and it feels great.  Some of the items I learned from making Detective Deep have helped me with this game even though they’re completely different.  I’m currently working hard on a couple of modes and  the main menu screens.  After I finish those items I’ll be working on the music and sound fx.  I already have the concept of the music and sounds in my mind but I just need to translate those thoughts into audio which shouldn’t take long once I start.  The aura of the music I want to create for this game was kind of inspired by the Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk, 8/16 bit music and the band Justice…so yea you might have an idea of how awesome it’s probably going to sound…..

I’m really enjoying developing this game and I’ve found myself playing it more than I should and it’s not finished yet.  Even though I’m playing it often it’s still basically like working on it because I’m optimizing it, fixing hiccups and making sure the difficulty settings translate into the gameplay well.  This game is one of those high scoring games that you’ll want to keep playing until you’re “satisfied” with your score or ranked well on the leaderboards, but then you’ll come back to it later and say…. well… I can beat that score.

I don’t have a lot of time to work on apps and this is my part-time pursuit, but if everything continues to go smoothly this app will be released in January 2012.  I’m excited for its release because it’s a really neat game.  It has a simple concept but it’s different from anything I’ve played on the app store and it’s challenging and fun without being frustrating.  The controls are very smooth and I like the direction that I went with the artwork.  I wanted the look to be stylistic, but also minimalistic at the same time and I believe I’ve accomplished that.  The only words I can think of to describe it is simple futuristic retro.  Sounds odd, but it will make more since once it’s in your hands.

I would post some screenshots but there are too many thieves in the app store and there’s a good chance somebody would take the screenshot and post it as theirs even if their game looks nothing like this.  Another developer I know recently had this happen to them with their app icon.  Their game was already in the app store with that icon and another person had the nerve to use it as their own icon.  Illegal and ignorant.  I along with several other devs were baffled by this and it’s not the first time something like this has happened.  So we just have to be careful in this wild wild web.

Also I’m planning on releasing a lite version of Detective Deep sometime soon.  I want to make sure every game I create has some sort of demo/lite version for people to try.  Even if a game is $.99, $1.99 or whatever, I know a lot of people probably spend their dollars with caution on the app store since there are soo many titles, some good, some great, some ehhh, some not good, some horrible, and yea you get the picture.  Even though screenshots and the description may look appealing to someone I want to give them the option of trying it out first if they want.  For  future releases I will try to have the lite version come out at or around the same time as the full version.  Alright well enough writing I’m going to unpause inFAMOUS 2 now….it’s awesome!


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