Upcoming Releases…


December 2011:

“Codename Christmas” – A festive & colorful game with educational elements aimed towards the kiddos.

Detective Deep 1.5 update – Improving load times & a few other technical changes.

January 2012:

“Codename Ultra” – A motivational app with sharp retina enabled graphics. (Not related to my app Ultra Fortune Ball)

“Codename Bit” – A retro arcade stylized game with a unique concept & smooth gameplay.  (Almost finished…..its awesome.)

2nd Quarter 2012:

“Codename Ratios” – An educational app about Financial Ratios

“Codename Wall Street” – An educational app about Wall Street (This could be delayed, depending on how development goes with Codename Ratio)

3rd Quarter 2012:

“Codename Panda” – A silly fun game with a panda and also…well…I don’t want give too much up right now.  Chunky Pixels will be helping me with the graphics on this app so expect greatness.

4th Quarter 2012:

“Codename Game Show” – A unique take on a game show with a focus on visuals and sound….

“Codename Jetpack” or “Codename Rubber” – Both are games with awesome ideas, but I’m not sure which one to work on and release first.  Both will be released eventually hopefully, but its TBD which one will be released during the 2012 Fall/Winter.

Well that’s the plan for the rest of this year and 2012 for me/Future Newb Apps.  I have more ideas than those above and I’m sure I’ll think of even more, but those mentioned are the ones on my front burner.  Hopefully I’ll find time to complete the apps mentioned above in those timeframes.  I like to create goals and lists like this for motivation and I thought if I make a post on it that would motivate me even more…..plus I wanted to create a post on 11/11/11 because that’s ace.

I’ve got Skyrim coming in the mail today, an untouched copy of Uncharted 3, Riddler side missions in Arkham City, Battlefield 3 multi-player, and Modern Warfare 3 & Saints Row 3 coming in the mail eventually.(Amazon.com loves me.)  I normally try to use some of my “video game time” as my app development time, but it’s going to be hard with this intense Fall/Winter lineup.  However, if I don’t complete some of those apps my creativity meter is going to explode with unused potential.  I have a busy life outside of those two hobbies so 2012 is looking like it’s going to be a very productive and fulfilling year hopefully.  Cheers!


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