New Release: Light Up The Tree!


(Available on the Apple, Amazon, & Google Play App Stores)

Light Up The Tree! is a fun & festive game for kids, parents, and people who love Christmas and the holiday season. This app is colorful, musical, and filled with holiday joy. The lights flash and they also create particle effects when touched. There are 3 separate game modes in this unique puzzle game.

1. Turn On The Lights: Try to light up the entire Christmas tree by tapping the lights. The lights will randomly turn off after a few seconds so get those fingers moving!

2. Just Colors: Change all of the lights on the tree to the same color by double tapping them. The lights will casually change color so watch out!

3. Colors and Numbers: This game mode will randomly choose a color and number and you must match that color/number combination by double tapping the lights on the tree. Pay attention and act quickly because the lights will randomly change color.

Learn while having fun:
The interaction with the five holiday colors and numbers(0-10) can help develop and improve the understanding of colors and numbers. The switching of color on the lights also adds a unique puzzle element to the Just Colors & Colors and Numbers game modes.

Playing this app can also enhance and build upon motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

(If the game becomes too easy for you, try switching to your non-dominant hand.)

Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!!


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