Now Available On The Amazon Appstore For Android


It’s official!  I’m now a part of the Amazon Android & Kindle Fire App Store.  Ultra Fortune Ball & Chinatown Fortune Cookie were both approved and released on February 22nd.  I’m very excited about expanding over to that market.  When the Fire was announced last year it sparked my interest in the device.  Then when I learned more about the Amazon Android App Store I knew I wanted to be a part of it.  So I bought a Kindle Fire earlier this month for testing and etc and I haven’t been disappointed with it at all.  It’s a really neat device and the App Store is solid.  As of writing this post, Chinatown Fortune Cookie is #72 in the Entertainment category!  Hopefully it will continue is rise! (Edit: #34 in Entertainment as of 02/25!)

With a new device & market comes new responsibilities.  I had to get accustomed to the screen size and resolution on the Fire since I’ve been developing specially for the iPhone & iPod Touch for the past year.  Luckily I’ve been doing graphics in retina resolution so I didn’t have to redo any graphics for the 2 apps that I’ve ported.  However, I did have to go back and update some sections of the code and etc to make sure the apps adapted to the screen size.  Then after testing and going back and tweaking some things a few times I ended up with two quality apps ready for submission to the Amazon Appstore.  I’m also working on porting Lightspeed Bit Bit over there but I’m currently running into a sound FX delay problem.  I don’t ever want to be a developer that rushes too much and submits unfinished products with known problems, so I’m going to make sure it’s running smoothly before submitting it.

The customer service in the Amazon Developer Portal has been great also.  I’ve contacted them a few times about different issues and they were helpful, kind, and quick.  The FAQs and information for developers is efficient and understandable.  The testing and submission process is different from Apple, but it didn’t take me long to get accustomed to it.  I like how everything is basically laid out in the same area on the website after the initial developer setup.  I also really like the fact that the Amazon Appstore isn’t incredibly cluttered……yet.  Hopefully their review process is more strict than Apple so poor quality and rip off/clone apps aren’t accepted.

I’ll continue to develop for the iPhone and iPod Touch of course, but the Kindle Fire will be right next to them now.  I’ll also make sure my Kindle Fire apps support other Android phones & tablets as well.  I’ve never owned an iPad so I haven’t developed for it yet.  However, I do want to develop apps for it and I’ve been hearing some very interesting things about the iPad 3.  I’m actually working on 2 apps currently that I would like to release on the iPad so I may very get an iPad 3 if it’s released in March as rumored.  Well this post is about the Amazon Appstore for Android so I won’t drift off course about that.  In wrapping this up I’d like to say thanks to Amazon & Android for being awesome.  I feel great about developing for the Amazon Appstore for Android, and I can’t wait to release more apps on it.

I’ll be updating the Apps/Games section of my website soon since the list is getting long and also because of my expansion to this new market.  For now, here’s a link to my apps on the Amazon Android Appstore:                                                    


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