Jumbo Egg Hunt Now Available On The Amazon Appstore!


Going on an egg hunt is fun, so why limit it to only one day every year? With “Jumbo Egg Hunt” you can go on an egg searching adventure anytime you like! In this game you’ll be able to egg hunt in several different outdoor & indoor areas including; playgrounds, parks, a gym, a grocery store, and various other areas.  

√20 Unique Locations (40 Levels Total) 

√Simple Tap/Touch Gameplay 

√Earn Up To 3 Stars On Each Level 

√Awesome Retina Graphics 

√Terrific Photorealistic Artwork 

 √Normal & Hard Difficulty 

√Fun Music & Sound Effects

(Jumbo Egg Hunt will also be released on the Apple App Store very soon!)

Notes on the development:  Back at the beginning of February an idea randomly popped into my head to develop a realistic looking egg hunting game.  I thought it would be neat to make a game that has several different locations with hidden eggs, including some areas that you wouldn’t normally think of as a place to hide eggs.  I also learned there was nothing like what I had envisioned on any app store which motivated me even more to develop this game.  When I was a kid, my family and I had tons of fun searching for eggs on Easter so this game also tapped into my childhood a little.  

I also thought it would be a good idea to use photography as the main source for the artwork in the game.  Photography has been one of my main hobbies for a long time and the thought of combining two of my hobbies(photography & game development) was very interesting to me.  So I went around and took some new ones in  various locations, and also used some older pictures I had taken a while back.  I knew I didn’t want the game to basically be cartoon eggs in plain photos so I also applied a couple different effects to make the areas have a slightly more cartoonish/painting look to them.  After playing around with a couple different effects, I decided on one final style that I was very impressed with.  All of artwork in the game, including the icon, were all derived from photos I took of real areas and locations.  Personally when I play the game, it kind of feels like a little journey because all of the areas in the game are real places that I’ve been to in a couple different states.

During the beginning of development I decided that I wanted to create a game that was fun but also a little challenging.  I wanted this game to have the ability to be picked up and enjoyed by people of all ages.  So in the normal mode I made the egg locations a little obvious in some areas and a few that are hidden very well.  On the hard difficulty I hid the eggs in different locations and made them harder to locate and also blend in more with the area.  During testing of each level it was hard to decipher the difficulty since I was the one hiding the eggs.  So to help monitor the difficulty, I let a couple of people play the game throughout development.  While they searched for the eggs I watched them & took notes on their ability to locate the eggs in relation to the timer.  I also took note of emotional indicators of happiness/fun & moments of frustration.  Towards the end of development I could also test the app’s difficulty myself due to me forgetting the locations of several of the eggs I had hidden earlier in development.

Overall I had a good time developing this app and I think it’s really neat.  It’s a game that can be enjoyed by kids & adults.  I also think it will be a fun game for a parent and their child to play together.  It also could be used as an educational tool with the colors & numbers.  I have a very young child of my own and he enjoys watching me find the eggs and dance to the music.  Watching him smile and laugh in itself was worth the month it took me to develop this game.  I hope everybody who downloads it has fun and enjoys it.  Thanks for reading….I need to make these little “inside development” posts shorter…..


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