Saving Bunnies – Now Available On Both App Stores!


Planet Rabuny is being destroyed by a massive volcano! Help save as many bunny rabbits as possible with two super bounce rafts! Bounce the bunnies to the spaceship to escape, while collecting useful power-ups and avoiding dangerous items!  Use skill to maneuver the bounce rafts with two fingers by yourself of with help from a friend!

√Frantic awesome fun!

√Sharp colorful graphics!

√Realistic sound effects!

√Innovative, unique gameplay!

√Simple, smooth controls!

√Awesome power-ups!

√Two challenging game modes!

√Gamecenter leaderboards

√Personal high scores!

√Single player or 2 player co-op!

(*The version on the Apple Appstore is initially free, and the version on Amazon Appstore is .99 cents. 

-The Apple version is supported by advertisements, but you can remove them with an in-app purchase of .99 cents.  This version has Gamecenter leaderboards.

-The Amazon version doesn’t have ads.  Gamecenter isn’t on Android so this version has exclusive achievements/trophies instead.)

Development Notes:  

Back in January I joined a contest/challenge with the rule:  Develop a game in a month about the world ending.  I thought it would be neat to take on that challenge so I jumped in and began brainstorming. The game started out as an idea I had for controls/gameplay in which the player would use two fingers to play a game.  Then I automatically thought about the act of getting something from one side to the other.  After throwing around a few ideas I randomly came up with the idea of a planet of bunnies being destroyed by a volcano.  I thought bouncing bunnies on a raft like object from one side to another would be good clean frantic fun, and that’s how it eventually turned out.  

I predicted that  a lot of the other developers were going to go down the doom & gloom route so I thought it would be neat to make something more cartoonish.  The first thing I started working on was controls and once that was finished I started working on art, power-ups/downs and etc.  Towards the end of development I started working on music & sound effects.  I wanted the sound effects to be oddly realistic so I used several items around the house to create them.  For the sound fx I used a stability workout ball, ice, carrots, those shipping airbags, a paper bag and a few other random items.  So yea, when you get carrots in the game and hear that sound effect that is actually me munching on carrots 🙂

I didn’t expect to win the contest because my game wasn’t finished when I submitted it, but I’m still glad I joined.  It was a nice challenge and it was neat seeing what some of the other developers came up with.  It was a tiring experience because app development is part-time for me right now, but overall I had fun.  Also I ended up developing this neat game which may have never happened if I didn’t join, so yea I’m glad I took on the challenge.

Two apps released in less than a month?  Well……..

Saving Bunnies was close to being finished towards the end of January of this year, but then the idea of Jumbo Egg Hunt popped into my head.  Jumbo Egg Hunt was more time sensitive since its closely related to Easter.  So I put a hold on development for Saving Bunnies & made the Easter egg hunting game my priority.  I guess you can kind of say this game is related to Easter too since it involves bunny rabbits, but that actually wasn’t my intention.  

After releasing Jumbo Egg Hunt a couple of weeks ago, I went back to Saving Bunnies and fixed a few glitches, added some extras, tested it more, and finished polishing it up.  Now that Jumbo Egg Hunt and Saving Bunnies have been released I’m going to take short break from developing apps to relax a little.  However, I have so many ideas for new apps & games I can’t stay away from development for too long…… I’ll be jumping back into it in a few days with awesome intentions…….


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