Massive, but Minor Update


Hey there, just wanted to make a quick post about the updates rolling out for my apps on the Apple App Store. All of my apps on the Apple App Store will be receiving an update that slightly improves overall performance (mostly on older devices) along with an update to the “Other Apps” link. Initially, I didn’t want to just submit an update solely changing links so I waited until a newer version of the engine I used was released to see if there were any enhancements to overall performance.

So after testing things out with the recently improved engine I submitted an update for all of my apps with some minor performance improvements and updated links. Everything went fine on the Amazon Android side, however, on the Apple side the link to my “other apps” became misconstrued due to the recent name change under my apps. So I went back, fixed the link, squeaked out a few more performance enhancements and submitted another update. The update for Light Up The Tree! went live earlier this week, and the updates for all of my other apps should be going live soon once Apple approves them.

So yeap that’s it.  It’s a massive update since all of my apps are being updated, but it’s minor in detail.  OK… back to work on my new game that’s scheduled for release next month….


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