New Release: Raven’s Hidden Hollows


Welcome to Raven’s Hidden Hollows…..

Raven’s Hidden Hollows is a hidden object game with a gloomy black & white design. The hidden objects in this game hide in the shadows and attempt to blend in with the atmosphere. Each level has 10 items(2 bats, 3 cats, & 5 pumpkins). In this game you’ll be locating items in a swamp, at a barn, in forests, at churches, abandoned buildings and several other locations. No story or puzzles, just a casual & challenging, fun hidden object game that’s a little eerie. 
(This is not a horror game. There are no scary/disturbing images.)

√ Two difficulties: Casual & Challenge.

√ 48 total levels, each with multiple screens.

√ Find 10 hidden objects and earn up to 3 stars in each level.

√ Beautiful photographic artwork. 

√ Thematic music and sound effects.

√ The Raven hint icon appears when two items are left to help out, if needed.

√ 49 Game Center achievements for a total of 1,000 points.

√Customizable gameplay: Display List icons/text, Timer Bar on/off & more.

√ Sharp retina resolution.

Development notes:

Initially when I first came up with the idea for this game I knew that I wanted to go with a black & white, highly detailed, yet darkish/gloomy art style. I really liked the way the game came together after adding the levels, and I think the game does well in regards to sticking to a gloomy/darkish/ kind of eerie atmosphere with the look & sound. All of the background images are from photographs I took before and during development. I added a few post effects to cumulate the final art style I was going for. I wanted the game to be open to all ages that enjoy these type of games so I definitely didn’t want it to have any horror themes.

I completed development on the casual difficulty first and then started on the challenging version soon after. Putting together the levels for the casual setting turned out being harder to do than the challenging setting. I wanted the casual setting to be highly approachable, but a little challenging without being hard. For the skilled hidden object players it probably won’t take long to complete the casual difficulty. However, the challenging difficulty is definitely harder. I also decided that adding a hint feature would help avoid making the game frustrating to players. I made the musical theme for the game towards the end of development to sort of wrap up the game in a theatrical sense.

Overall, I had a great time developing Raven’s Hidden Hollows. I only ran into a couple of glitches during development, but it didn’t take long to find and get rid of them. I’m happy & proud with how the game turned out. I hope it’s enjoyed by a lot of people around the world. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact me through the website or Twitter. Have an awesome day!


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