Now Available On….. Google Play


As of late last night, 8-Bit Avrin Apps, has expanded, to the Google Play AppStore! I’ve had my eye on the Google Play store for a while and I wanted to make sure it was going in the right direction before I jumped in. The store looks nice and the main devices themselves are continuously improving. I recently played around with the Nexus 7 and it’s a very nice tablet. Google is developer friendly and it doesn’t take long to update apps and make changes. The layout for the apps on their respective pages are also very nice. The search function for finding apps is also great, which makes sense because….hey….it’s Google, it’s in their electric veins.

Raven’s Hidden Hollows and Strike The Goal were published yesterday and are available for download. Lightspeed Bit Bit was published today and it’s also currently available for download. I plan on porting a couple more of my current apps over to Google Play soon. As far as future plans go, I’ll be releasing my apps/games on Google Play somewhat shortly after they’re released on the other markets. The prices for my apps will basically remain consistent throughout each app store.

Apple AppStore: check (2011). Amazon AppStore: check (early 2012). Google Play AppStore: check (yesterday!)

8-Bit Avrin Apps


2 thoughts on “Now Available On….. Google Play

  1. Out of curiosity, why did you start with the Amazon app store? Seems more expensive to publish through and surely a smaller market. Or perhaps not?

    1. Hey there, I decided to go with Amazon first because the market was newer and gaining interest due to the Kindle Fire, so I wanted to jump in as soon as possible. I also thought the Kindle Fire was great, especially at its price point. Amazon actually waived the developer fee for the first year so it didn’t cost me anything to start. Not sure if that promo is still going on now though. The Google Play market is bigger, but I’ve always heard about the abundance of pirating and malicious apps so I decided to avoid it. As an indie, less known developer I didn’t want people to be hesitant of downloading my apps and also become heavily pirated. However, I began to realize that most people who download apps aren’t into pirating and can tell when an app is malicious. The Google Play market size is so big I couldn’t ignore it any longer so I joined for that reason along with the ones mentioned in the post.

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