My Top 8 Albums of 2012

8 Jan

2012 was an excellent year for music, video games, and movies. Instead of just picking a number one favorite and a couple of runner-ups, I’ve decided to do top 8 lists this year and probably from now on. For music, I’ll also list four tracks from each album that really stood out to me as the best songs on the album. For video games and movies, I’ll write a few sentences explaining why it’s on my list if I have time. Let’s kick things off with my favorite albums released in 2012, starting with number eight….


Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

(Standout tracks: Handshake, Wake Up, Someday, Sleep Alone)


Passion Pit – Gossamer

(Standout tracks: I’ll Be Alright, Mirrored Sea, Hideaway, Where We Belong)


The Killers – Battle Born


(Standout tracks: Here With Me, The Way It Was, A Matter of Time, Miss Atomic Bomb)


Beach House – Bloom


(Standout tracks: Myth, Wild, The Hours, Troublemaker)


Grizzly Bear – Shields

(Standout tracks: Speak In Rounds, Yet Again, gun-shy, Half Gate)


Anberlin – Vital

(Standout tracks: Someone Anyone, Desires, Orpheum, Modern Age)


The XX – Coexist

(Standout tracks: Chained, Sunset, Tides, Swept Away)


Bloc Party – Four

(Standout tracks: Octopus, Day Four, Coliseum, The Healing)


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