My Top 8 Games of 2012

10 Jan

Honorable mention: Halo 4

 Halo 4 has great visuals, audio, and controls. The multiplayer is fun, and probably the best it’s ever been in a Halo game. I had a few major gripes in regards to the story and the save system though. I’m guessing I would had been more into the story and understood it more if I had read some of the novels. Part of me also thinks that they should have made a bigger deal within the story about Master Chief being back. The theater feature not completely working was a bit disappointing also. Regardless, 343 did an excellent job with Halo, and I’ll be looking forward to the next installments. If I made a Top 10 list, this game would be #9, but it’s a Top 8 list because I’m 8-Bit Avrin.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

I’m not a super big Call of Duty fan, but I usually somewhat enjoy the roller coaster ride that these games give in the campaign and the quick in and out multiplayer. Black Ops 2 has the best Cod campaign & multiplayer I’ve ever played. The theater mode is neat too, and it works nicely from what I’ve messed around with.


Papo & Yo


Papo & Yo is a game that should just be experienced without going much into the details beforehand. However, knowing some of the background beforehand might actually make some people want to play it more, so never mind. Depressingly good story told through gameplay, great audio, and nice visually appealing puzzles. Magnificent ending.



FIFA 13 is the best FIFA game I’ve ever played. Which also means, it’s the best soccer/futbol game I’ve ever played. Excellent gameplay, controls, presentation, and a nice soundtrack. Goooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal!!!!



Journey is beautiful. I played it completely in one sitting on an off day. This is a game that’s kind of hard to explain without possibly spoiling the experience so……..just set a few hours aside and play it. Your eyes, ears, mind and heart will appreciate it.


Sound Shapes


I had a blast with Sound Shapes. Great audio, gameplay, and art style. Also, as a mobile app developer, some of the elements in this game had an influence on me. There are even a couple of levels that sort of resemble one of the games I’m working on. I played the game entirely on the PS3, but I can’t wait to free up some room on my little 4GB card so I can experience it on my Vita.


Mass Effect 3


The Mass Effect trilogy is a pinnacle in gaming. A section of the ending in Mass Effect 3 could have been better, but regardless of that, I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the game. I’m rarely fully satisfied from an ending in a game or movie I really like though. The multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 was a great addition and I also thought the app integration was neat. The Mass Effect universe is awesome, and I hope BioWare continues making great games with it.


Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 is a fun & frantic FPS/RPG hybrid. The original Borderlands was a great game, and this sequel is even better. Awesome art style, fun RPG elements, vibrant characters, good story and 100% more chaos. I also liked how they incorporated the main characters from the first game.


The Walking Dead


As an adult, no other game has moved me emotionally as much as this game did. Great episodic story, art style and voice acting. Before playing this game I’d never watched the Walking Dead show or read the comics. Mainly because I’m not into the whole zombie craze, but this game is more than just zombies & gore. After playing the game I watched some of the show, but I much prefer this game over what I’ve seen on the TV show. No offense to the show, but this is simply just an excellent game.

For Clementine.


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