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Jumbo Egg Hunt is back with a bigger and better egg hunting adventure! Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 features 30 new areas with high quality artwork, 2 difficulties(casual & challenge), 60 total levels, and a hint system. In Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 you’ll be egg hunting in several different areas including; parks, forests, playgrounds, zoos, a carousel, and various other areas. Find all 12 eggs in a level to obtain 1 star…….find them in under 60 seconds for 2 stars……..or achieve 3 stars by finding them in under 30 seconds!

Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 is an awesome Easter egg hidden objects game that’s fun for all ages. The eggs are hidden differently depending on which difficulty you chose.

Casual: The eggs are bigger and easier to find. The later levels become more challenging. You have two hints per level that can be used if you get stuck.

Challenge: The eggs are smaller and more well hidden. Luckily you have two hints per level if decide you need help.

√ 30 Great Locations (60 Total Levels)

√ Awesome High Quality Artwork & Fun Audio

√ Casual & Challenge Difficulty

√ Earn Up To Three Stars On Each Level

√ Simple Tap/Touch Gameplay

(Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 is currently in review for the Windows App Store. It will be available on that market as soon as its approved.)

Development notes:

Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 is a wonderful follow-up to the first Jumbo Egg Hunt. I decided to make another Jumbo Egg Hunt because I liked making the first one, and I wanted to make some improvements to the game that I thought it deserves. It was also one of my most successful apps so it felt right to do a sequel, especially since I had ideas to make it even better.

I started working on the art for Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 a few months after the first one was released. I decided to go with a more realistic looking art style than the first game to make the egg hunting experience fell more true to life. I really like creating the artwork and editing it in the manner that I did. I decided to make the background art very vibrant and colorful with a high level of detail. I also wanted to make sure the levels varied in size/scope and seasons. So some of the areas are reminiscent of Fall/Autumn and some of them have a more Spring/Summer look.

Since I changed the main art style of the game somewhat drastically, I wanted to make sure some of the other aspects of the first game were brought over to the second one. I wanted to make sure Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 felt like a true follow-up while also paying homage to the first game. So to do this I decided to keep the sound effects and main gameplay element the same. I also wanted to make the icon somewhat similar but different enough so that it stands out as a new game. I made different theme music for Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 but I decided to make sure it kept the same bouncy bass and synth sound as the first game. I think the audio sounds fun and fits well into the type of game this is and the tone it projects. I honestly couldn’t stop myself from dancing around when I was working on it. My son still smiles and bounces around when he hears the theme music from both of the games so that’s a clear sign to me that I did a good job on making them.

Working on the difficulty was still the hardest part of development for me. I decided to add a hint system just in case the player became stuck and needed help, and it also gave me more freedom in regards to making the game challenging. I wanted to make sure the Casual mode was indeed casual, but also not too easy. So I decided to make the levels progressively get slightly harder, but still not too hard. For Challenge mode I decided to keep the difficulty aspect somewhat the same throughout the levels which is a mix of casual, challenging, and very challenging. I think the hint system will make sure the game doesn’t lose its fun factor while staying grounded in its overall casual tone. I think the casual setting along with the hint system opens the game up to the younger audience even more which is great.

Overall, I definitely think Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 is better than the first game in every way. I’m proud of how the game turned out and I enjoyed developing it even though it came with several late nights and little sleep. I decided to make a trailer for the game to help get the word out on it more. Even though the first game was successful and still receives downloads to this day I feel like it would get a ton more downloads if people knew about it. So hopefully the trailer helps spread the word about the second game, which could even help out the first game as well. Marketing is one of the hardest aspects of being an indie app developer, but I’m trying some new things this year. Most people who download Jumbo Egg Hunt don’t leave reviews, but the majority of reviews received have been really positive and some of those reviews also received several helpful up votes. I thought Jumbo Egg Hunt was a great game too, but I think Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 even better. Wow, I thought I was only going to write one or two paragraphs about it, but it turned into several.


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