New Release: Fireworks Showeator


Main Menu_iPhone4

Available on the Apple and Amazon app stores!

Create your own fireworks show and celebrate any occasion with the Fireworks Showeator! 

Fireworks Showeator has two awesome modes…….. 

Create a Show: Use coins earned in-game to buy up to ten firecrackers to use in your fireworks show. You start the game with 50 coins. Depending on how good your show is, people will show up to watch. People who stay without leaving will pay you for the show at the end of it. There’s a bit of strategy involved though…..the crowd likes a variety of fireworks and they like it when air fireworks pop high in the sky. The higher an air firework gets popped, the higher chance of attracting more people. Ground fireworks can attract a few people as well. 
If an air firework pops too low, some people will get scared and leave! If the same firework continues to go off some people may get bored and leave. A few people might also leave your show if you launch an air firework and let it go off screen without popping it. So make sure your show is entertaining! 

Watch a Show: In this mode you can manually select up to ten fireworks to sit back and watch go off endlessly in a fireworks show. You can also let the app randomly choose ten fireworks to use in this show if you don’t want to pick them out. You don’t need to use coins for either option. 

√ Over 100 different and awesome fireworks! 
√ Create your own show or watch an endless one! 
√ Real firework sound effects! 
√ Game Center leaderboard(iOS) & 20 achievements! 
√ Various big and unique particle effects! 
√ Safe fun for all ages! 

Have a blast with Fireworks Showeator!!




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