What’s Next from 8-Bit Avrin Apps?


Here’s what’s going on in my app development lab currently and in the near future….

∞ I submitted an update for Chinatown Fortune Cookie(iOS version) and Ultra Fortune Ball yesterday. I’ll go into more detail on those when they’re live.

∞ I’m currently working on an app that’s not a game. It’s a neat visual and audio experience. I’ll leave it at that for now. I’m aiming for a late July or early August release date.

∞ After I finish my “experience in an app” mentioned above I’ll be working on a casual game for kids. It’s going to be bold(visually), colorful, and educational. Hoping to release it before September.

∞ After the casual children’s game is finished I plan on working on either a really neat memory puzzle game or a moving puzzle game. I’ll be approaching both with a minimalistic visual esthetic in mind. I already have the main overall concept of both complete. I’m leaning towards working on the memory puzzle game first. 

My non-app schedule is going to get even busier starting in September so I’m not going to have much time for app development for about a year, however, I have a bunch of neat ideas and apps are my main source of income right now. So I’ll be working on more casual apps that won’t take me a long amount of time to finish instead of working on my kind of “out there” apps. However, even my simple looking on the outside casual apps are packed with hard work and dedication on the inside. So I’ll continue to try focusing on quality over quantity.

Alright, back to work on this……sensory experience….


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