Apple Performing Massive Update After Developer Site Hack


Last week while I was trying to log into the Apple developer console I noticed it was responding slowly, and then eventually I was given a “site is down, will return soon” page. I thought it must have been some sort of maintenance going on, and that it would eventually be back up. However, it turns out that the developer site was actually hacked and everything was shut down. In response to the hack Apple is overhauling the developer systems, updating their server software, and rebuilding the entire database. Apple is a massive technology company so it makes sense that they’re responding to this hack by performing a massive update.

So far, I haven’t noticed anything odd going on with my developer account and I haven’t heard of anything odd going on with any other developers either. There are a few articles around the internet were the supposed hacker states that he didn’t perform the hack to steal information or cause harm, but instead he states that he did it to help Apple. Regardless, Apple is definitely taking it seriously and they’ve been keeping developers updated on the situation through emails.

The first email Apple sent to developers about the situation gives a bit of an overview of what happened and what they’re currently working on to resolve the issues. The second email from Apple emphasizes  what they’re doing to resolve the issues and prevent them from happening again. This email also laid out an overviewed scheduled pipeline of what sections they’ve planned to restore next and it introduced a link to the system status page that shows an up to date availability of the different systems. The third email was a basic announcement of which services have been restored. I’ve posted the emails I’ve received below as well as a couple screenshots of the system status page on different days.

First email_Apple Hack
First email received

Second email_Apple hack
Second email received

Status Page_July24
Status page on July 24th

Third Email_Apple Hack
Third email received

Status Page_July27
Status page on July 27th


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