Working on iOS7 Compatibility


I’m currently waiting on the main app engine I use to eliminate their iOS7 issues so I can update all of my apps on the Apple App Store to be completely compatible with iOS7. Some of my apps have been randomly crashing on this final version of iOS7. Several other developers that use the same engine are running into the same problems as well. It took a while for the engine I use to figure out the exact root of the problem, but they’ve assured me that they now know what the cause is, and that they’ll be updating the engine very soon. As soon as the engine is completely compatible with iOS7 I will update it on my end, and publish a new update for all of my iOS apps to send to Apple for review. After Apple approves them, my apps will have an update available that will make them run like normal on iOS7.

The iOS7 software update has some neat new features, and I like the new designs. Overall I think it’s a nice update…..well besides the issues I’ve run into with apps randomly crashing. Sorry for the crashes that may have occurred while using my apps. Several developers have run into problems with their apps on iOS7 also, so you may have noticed some of the other apps on your phone not running properly too. Regardless, I will try to have my app updates available worldwide as soon as possible. 


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