Top 8 TV Shows of 2013

8 Jan

Starting from number 8 and going up to number 1. A couple of these shows started their first season in 2013, but most of them started prior to 2013. However, this list is for the seasons that aired in 2013. Here are my favorite TV shows of 2013:

8. Vikings (History Channel) – Interesting new show with some good and not so good scenes. In the end, it left me wanting to see what happens next after the final episode.

7. Almost Human (Fox) – Great new show that I’m really enjoying. Good acting and a very neat futuristic setting. I hope it gets renewed for a second season!

6.  The Walking Dead (AMC) – Some of the old characters are still great, and the new characters are adding a new dynamic that was needed. Looking forward to see what happens next season, especially since the group was kind of broken up in different ways.

5. TIE – Revolution/Falling Skies (NBC/TNT) –  I wanted both of these shows on my list because they’re both really good, but I didn’t want to take off any of the shows listed above. Both of these shows have gotten better with each season. Revolution still suffers from poor acting from one of the main characters, but the setting, story, and other characters have made up for that negative. On the other spectrum the new alien species in Falling Skies have really added a lot of the good tv drama between characters and the overall story as well. The new aliens also kind of remind me of the Mass Effect video games so that’s a good thing.

4. TIE  – New Girl/Modern Family (Fox/ABC) – Yeap….another tie. Looks like I should have made a top 10 list instead of top 8. Everybody on New Girl is hilarious. New Girl made me laugh more than any other show. Modern Family seemed like it had some struggles this past season but overall it was still great. Season 5 hasn’t been as hilarious as previous seasons, but overall it’s been ok, and season 4 in 2013 was great.

3. Parenthood (NBC) All the feels. This show continues to be packed with emotion. The acting is great and the cast flows well together. All of the previous seasons have been better, but overall season 5 has been strong even though it had some weak scenes and storylines.

2. Arrow (CW) – Like some of the other shows, part of the previous season was at the beginning of the year, and then part of the next season is at the end of the year. Season 1 had some up & downs, but overall it was good. Season 2 has been great and made me more interested in this show and the future of it. Marvel is the big screen comic book king, but DC is definitely doing something right on the small screen with this show.

1. Game of Thrones (HBO)


I’m not sure I should even type all of the reasons why season 3 of this show is number 1 on my list. I mean seriously Game of Thrones is simply amazing. I could go on and on. Another strong season that left me wanting more after every episode, and then once again made me sad after the final episode because of the longer wait. Even though some of my favorite characters haven’t been treated too kindly, I don’t ever want this show to end. 



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