2013 Game of the Year, Runner-Ups, & Honorable Mentions


Game of the Year:
Super Mario 3D World


Fun. Innovative & unique game design. Sometimes simple, without being too simple. Sometimes challenging, without being too frustrating. Awesome platforming gameplay. Colorful. Charming. Engaging. Silly. Nostalgic without being overly nostalgic. Nice music and sound effects. Great replay value. Oh yea and again…..FUN. Those are the reasons why Super Mario 3D World is easily my 2013 Game of the Year. Super Mario 64 was my favorite Mario game, but now that honor belongs to Super Mario 3D World. This game basically solidified itself as my favorite 2013 game after only playing it for a short amount of time. Congratulations Nintendo.

Runner Ups: 
Grand Theft Auto 5
Tomb Raider

Honorable Mentions:
BioShock Infinite
The Last of Us
Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition     Guacamelee!

My Top Games of 2012: https://8bitavrin.com/2013/01/10/my-top-8-games-of-2012/

My Best of 2011 Picks: https://8bitavrin.com/2012/01/29/my-best-favorite-of-2011/


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