New Release: 8-Bit Eagle Smash


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Available on the Apple App Store

Tap the screen to fly. 
Fly into every pipe to destroy it.
See how long you can fly before missing a pipe.
Are you ready for this challenge?

8-Bit Eagle Smash is a challenging endless runner/flyer with a retro art style. The goal in this game is to fly into every pipe before it goes off the screen. 8-Bit Eagle isn’t afraid of pipes. Pipes are afraid of 8-Bit Eagle. 8-Bit Eagle don’t care!

Smooth one finger gameplay that’s fun and challenging.

Developer Notes:

Yes this app is similar to flappy bird, but it’s definitely not a clone. I made this game to support the Flappy Jam game jam. It’s been a while since I took part in a game jam so this seemed like a neat one to jump into. I also made it to support the developer of Flappy Birds, which is part of the reason behind the game jam I joined. I also made this game to challenge myself and see how quickly I could make a game similar to Flappy Birds. I worked on this game for a few hours on three different days. So in total it probably took me around or less than 24 hours from start to finish.

In my game, instead of avoiding the pipes, the goal is to hit all of the pipes. Same simple one touch control and “flap” mechanic, but different goal which also means different strategies while playing. I also did all of the art work from scratch. I’m a fan of retro art styles in some mobile games so I decided to go with a minimalistic retro art style myself in this one. I played around with a few different color palettes until I decided to go with the grayish blue color tone as seen in the screenshot above. I also wanted to make sure there were a few bright elements so the look wasn’t too muted or dreary. During the gameover sequence the bird flips, goes to the ground, and then kind of floats up in the air. The first part was meant to happen, but the floating up part happened by mistake while I was messing around with the birds physics. It looked neat so I decided to keep it and also add a golden halo on top of the eagle’s head when it occurs. Anyways enough typing.

I hope you enjoy it if you check it out. I’m looking forward to developing different games with more content in the future. Also, I’m not responsible for any broken phones or tablets due to the difficulty of this game. It’s challenging, but it’s also fair…….usually. The pipes appear randomly, but the ranges in which they can appear are rarely absurd to where it would cause constant frustration.

Flappy Jam game jam


3 thoughts on “New Release: 8-Bit Eagle Smash

  1. […] The first app update I worked on and completed was 8-Bit Eagle Smash. For this app I updated the text score font to match the look of the rest of the game. This game was created in a couple of days during a gamejam so it was kind of rushed, but the new font obviously looks better with game. I should have updated it earlier than 2 years after release, but other apps continued to take precedence over this one. While testing I also noticed that one of the tweet functions caused the pre-entered text to be cut off so I also fixed that. After doing a quick search on Twitter I discovered that most people(like 99.99%) who play this game don’t tweet their scores, but I still wanted to feature to work efficiently as intended. The game also received 64-bit support and overall performance enhancements which cut down on the already short load times. More can be read about the game itself and the gamejam that initiated its development on the 8-Bit Eagle Smash release post. […]

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