Massive Update on the Amazon App Store



I recently discovered that a lot of my apps were having irregular audio issues with random Kindle Fire HDX devices. So I spent the past weekend updating the apps that were affected when I found a resolution for this problem. I believe the issue was caused by a recent software update that didn’t like part of the code in my apps. It was an odd bug….. it didn’t affect the gameplay or usability performance of any of the apps, but it made the sound effects lag and become distorted. Almost all of my apps on the Amazon App Store were updated to resolve this problem, and most of the updates have been approved by Amazon.

Sorry for any frustration the audio issue may have caused. If you were affected by this issue please update the app or re-download it. If you weren’t affected, updating won’t disrupt the app, but you may actually notice faster load times. Also, the app development engine I use for most of my apps now offers better support for various screen sizes so I also updated some of my apps to feature full screen support!


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