Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard 2.0 Update

28 Apr

USMS promo_2048x1000

The awesome 2.0 update is now live on the Apple, Amazon, & Windows app stores!

√ Added 32 new countries to the Anthems section. Now there’s a total of 64 different country flags & national anthems!

√ Enhanced some of the previous flag images so they fit various screens better.

√ Also improved overall performance which resulted in faster load times.

2 Responses to “Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard 2.0 Update”


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    […] each side of the banner which in total shows the 64 countries now in the app thanks to the awesome 2.0 update that was recently released. June is a big international soccer/football month with two major […]

  2. April Mobile App Development Report | 8-Bit Avrin Apps - 05/09/2016

    […] updates. The first part of the month consisted of making new screenshots to go along with the major Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard 2.0 update. Only one of the previous screenshots would look outdated due to the update but I went ahead and […]

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