Educational Apps for Homeschool (Sight Words, Learning & Counting Coins, and Pre-Algebra Math)


Hey everyone! Hope you all are feeling healthy & safe, especially with all of this going on in the world with COVID-19. Due to this virus I know many families(including mine) are now temporarily in the great yet challenging realm of homeschooling. I already had A LOT of respect for great teachers but yea wow, this is another reminder of that! One of my main goals with my educational apps is for them to be minimalistic but also helpful, interesting & vivid. Below are my educational apps that I believe could be helpful in the journey of learning for many kids who are now being homeschooled. These apps have been helpful for kids who were already homeschooled, in the classroom, and outside of school times, so hopefully your kid enjoys them as well regardless of their location of being educated. None of these apps require a login or even the internet after downloading, none of them contain ads, and all of them are available on the Apple, Google Play & Amazon app stores! Take care!


Word Owl’s Word Search are colorful and vivid word search block apps that are for aimed at four different levels of learning sight words. There’s an app for Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade. Each app features over 100 sight words, and some over 200 or 300 sight words depending on the grade. The sight words in these apps have been gathered from several different schools and books. Check out the links below for more information on each of these apps.

Word Owl’s Word Search Kindergarten

Word Owl’s Word Search 1st Grade

Word Owl’s Word Search 2nd Grade

Word Owl’s Word Search 3rd Grade



Professor Piggy Bank is a fun & educational app featuring the four major coins used in the United States. With this app you can learn about coins, save money by putting coins in a piggy bank, play a game, count money, and take a quiz. It’s a great app for children to use to learn about coins while having fun. This app has four different modes; PLAY, SAVE $, LEARN, & QUIZ.

Professor Piggy Bank



Crunchy Numbers Math Arcade is a fun, challenging, & educational math arcade game. Use that amazing brain of yours to help Cruncher Bot eat the correct numbers. Cruncher Bot is always hungry for the right multiple, prime, factor, & roman numeral, but the Red Chompers are trying to stop him from feeding his mathematical appetite.

Crunchy Numbers Math Arcade





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