Stay Home and Still Go Easter Egg Hunting with My Egg Hunt Apps


Before Easter, on Easter, and after Easter….You can go on a fun Easter egg hunting adventure anytime you like with Jumbo Egg Hunt 1, Jumbo Egg Hunt 2, and Jumbo Egg Hunt 3! If you liked Jumbo Egg Hunt 1 then you’ll probably enjoy Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 even more! Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 is an improvement over Jumbo Egg Hunt 1 with all new levels and a hint system, however, they’re both fun, colorful and full of different levels. Both of these games also have two different difficulty settings for casual players and for players who want more of a challenge. With the current state of things with Covid-19 people are having to stay indoors more often and many events like egg hunts have been canceled. My wife & I will be doing an egg hunt around the house for our kids, and I’m sure many families will do something similar, but with the Jumbo Egg Hunt apps you can do even more egg hunting!


Jumbo Egg Hunt 1

JEH Icon 512x512

Grocery Store Forest Flower Shop

  • 20 Unique Locations (40 Levels Total)

  • Simple Tap/Touch Gameplay

  • Earn Up To 3 Stars On Each Level

  • Awesome Photorealistic Artwork

  • Normal & Hard Difficulty

  • Fun Music & Sound Effects

Available on the Apple, Amazon, and Google Play app stores!


Jumbo Egg Hunt 2

JEH2 Icon 512x512

The Creek Rocky River In The Leaves

  • 30 Great Locations (60 Total Levels)

  • Awesome High Quality Artwork & Fun Audio

  • Casual & Challenge Difficulty

  • Earn Up To Three Stars On Each Level

  • Simple Tap/Touch Gameplay

  • Two Hints Per Level

Available on the Apple, Amazon, and Google Play app stores!


And then there’s Jumbo Egg Hunt 3! This awesome egg hunting adventure game has thirty new areas with high quality artwork, three difficulties(casual, medium & hard), 90 total levels, and the hint system that was first implemented in Jumbo Egg Hunt 2. With the three different difficulty settings this one is even more accessible and adaptable to younger kids.

Jumbo Egg Hunt 3

• 30 Areas with Multiple Scenes (90 Total Levels)

• Awesome High Quality Artwork & Fun Audio

• Casual, Medium & Hard Difficulties

• Timer Shown, Music, & Sound Effects settings

• Simple Tap/Touch Gameplay

Available on the Apple and Amazon App Stores!


None of these apps require a data connection to be used after downloading and there are no in-app purchases or ads either! Fun without the need for internet requirements or the requirement of upgrading. I’m not ignoring the current state of things with the seriousness of the Covid-19 virus, but hopefully the Jumbo Egg Hunt apps can add a some entertainment, joy, and brain exercise. Try to stay healthy & safe out there, take care!


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