New Reviews Section on the Website



Hey there! Look there. Yea up there. Up to the right there. Yea there’s a new REVIEWS section. Check it out to view user reviews for several of my apps via the Apple, Google Play & Amazon app stores, and the Alexa Skill store. I’m only featuring mostly 4 & 5 star reviews, because honestly most of the 1 & 2 reviews are either user error or unhelpful. Thankfully most reviews/ratings for my apps & skills are ok, good, or great. So thank you to all the users that leave nice reviews and ratings. Also, thank you to the users that updated their low star review once an issue was resolved. There are also journalist reviews for a couple of my apps in this section as well.

I know some customers place an importance on reviews prior to making a decision, and usually people look for these reviews on the place of download, but I thought it would be neat to feature some on my website as well. This new section will be updated throughout when new reviews are received. Take care!


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