Google Play Academy Store Listing Certificate √

I reviewed much of the material, refreshed knowledge of what I already knew, learned some new information & tips, took the exam and passed. I now have the Google Play Academy Store Listing Certificate. With already having created and published over 20 apps on the Google Play App Store I went into this course series with much knowledge but also with an open mind to welcome information I was aware of but also the ability to continue learning. Overall I’m glad I took the time out during breaks on several days to go through this course. I confirmed that I’ve been doing some things right and learned some things that will improve my current and future app store listings. I passed the exam on my first try so that was also great confirmation of the previous and new knowledge that I’ve attained.

It’s neat to get the perspective from a major company like Google on what does and doesn’t work and what’s recommended and not recommended in something as solid yet fluid as publishing apps and listing them for the world to see. Looking forward to continue keeping up to date with the improvements and changes with the Google Play App Store.


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