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8-Bit Avrin develops awesome mobile apps, inspired by the past, from the future. My goal is to develop great unique apps that provide a new experience. You can find 8-Bit Avrin apps in the Apple, Amazon, and Google Play app stores. Apple is my primary App Store, and the majority of  my apps are available on the Apple & Amazon App Stores. However, most of them are also available on Google Play. I publish under my name Avrin Ross and I’ve obtained hundreds of thousands of downloads in several countries across the world.  


Development on my first app(Ultra Fortune Ball) started sparingly in July 2010, and my first release was for that same app on March 3, 2011. (I changed the name from “Future Newb Apps” to “8-Bit Avrin Apps”  in April 2012) 


Basically, I want to create unique apps and games that are entertaining and/or useful with awesome content, controls, and design. Developing apps is also a great avenue for me to use my creativity and turn some of the random ideas I have into fruition within my skill set. I also like developing apps with educational elements. Smartphones and tablets can be great educational tools. I like to create specifically focused apps for niche audiences like kids in or around a certain grade level, people who like retro games, specific educational categories, holiday themed apps, and various other fragments.  


8-Bit Avrin is…… Avrin Ross. I’m a family man that’s into health, video games, music(mostly alt & indie rock), drinking tea, finance, investing, playing guitar, movies, sports, reading, helping people, statistics, photography and etc. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Admin: Finance. Creating apps started as a hobby, but it has since turned into a nice serious part-time endeavor.


To develop my apps I use; My mind that seems to be constantly thinking, my Macbook Pro, iMac, various programs(Pixelmator, OpenOffice, Inkscape, Photoshop Elements, Xcode, & others), a lot of tea, late nights, pens, pencils, paper, smartphones, tablets, musical instruments, & et cetera. Last but not least, all of this would not be possible without God.