8-Bit Eagle Smash

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Tap the screen to fly. 

Fly into every pipe to destroy it.
See how long you can fly before missing a pipe.
Are you ready for this challenge?

8-Bit Eagle Smash is a challenging endless runner/flyer with a retro art style. The goal in this game is to fly into every pipe before it goes off the left side of the screen. 8-Bit Eagle isn’t afraid of pipes. Pipes are afraid of 8-Bit Eagle. 8-Bit Eagle destroys pipes, but if it misses a pipe it’s Gameover….

• Challenging & fun endless gameplay
• Retro minimalistic art style
• Smooth one finger tap controls
• Compact vivid sound effects
• Apple Game Center High Score Leaderboard

Smooth one finger gameplay that’s fun and challenging.

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(Categories: Arcade, Casual)

(First released February 28th 2014 on Apple)

(Development, Sound, and Design by: Avrin Ross of 8-Bit Avrin Apps)