Crunchy Numbers Math Arcade


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Crunchy Numbers Math Arcade is a fun, challenging, & educational math arcade game. Use that amazing brain of yours to help Cruncher Bot eat the correct numbers. Cruncher Bot is always hungry for the right multiple, prime, factor, & roman numeral, but the Red Chompers are trying to stop him from feeding his mathematical appetite. Build up a combo by eating consecutive correct numbers to greatly increase your high score or just play casually for fun. Either way you’ll be thinking….eating….thinking…eating…thinking..eating..thinking.eating.thinkingeatingthinkingeating….get it?

This game will make you smarter because numbers are delicious and learning is nutritious!

• Multiples, primes, factors, & roman numerals
• High scores for each game mode on both difficulties
• Dry erase board design with retro inspired graphics & audio
• Leaderboards – Game Center(Apple) / Game Circle(Amazon)
• Fun & challenging math game for various ages

 correct answer red munchers powerups incorrect answer

(Categories: Games – Educational, Puzzle, Arcade)

(First released May 23rd 2015 on Apple & Amazon)

(Development, Design & Audio by: Avrin Ross of 8-Bit Avrin Apps)

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