Gift Wrap Difference

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(Available on the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon App Stores)

Gift Wrap Difference is a fun and festive spot the difference game. There are over 50 difference screens constructed from 20 different amazing gift wrapping papers. The graphics are sharp, colorful, and HD. This game also plays two full length holiday songs with real instruments. Each level has five differences to find. Some differences are big and some are small. Something may be missing, added, or completely changed. If you get stuck, feel free to use one of the three hints per game.

For a more casual game, you can turn the timer off, but your high scores will not be saved. If you want to increase the challenge, keep the timer on and try to beat your high score. The timer resets each time a level is cleared. This game is great when you have a lot of time to play or when you only have a few minutes to pass. Quick in and out gameplay! Have fun anytime with Gift Wrap Difference!

• Over 50 levels with 20 different gift wrapping papers.
• 5 differences per round. 3 clues per game.
• Colorful and vivid HD retina resolution graphics.
• Excellent holiday music and sound effects.
• Casual and challenging festive fun.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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(Categories: Casual, Family, Kids)

(First released December 10th, 2012 on the Apple App Store)

(Development, Design, & Sound FX by: Avrin Ross of 8-Bit Avrin Apps)

(Music by: Kevin MacLeod –

(Graphics by: Avrin Ross and various public open art sources)