Jumbo Egg Hunt 2

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Jumbo Egg Hunt is back with a bigger and better egg hunting adventure! Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 features 30 new areas with high quality artwork, 2 difficulties(casual & challenge), 60 total levels, and a hint system. In Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 you’ll be egg hunting in several different areas including; parks, forests, playgrounds, zoos, a carousel, and various other areas. Find all 12 eggs in a level to obtain 1 star…….find them in under 60 seconds for 2 stars……..or achieve 3 stars by finding them in under 30 seconds!

Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 is an awesome Easter egg hidden objects game that’s fun for all ages. The eggs are hidden differently depending on which difficulty you chose.

Casual: The eggs are bigger and easier to find. The later levels become more challenging. You have two hints per level that can be used if you get stuck.

Challenge: The eggs are smaller and more well hidden. Luckily you have two hints per level if decide you need help.

√ 30 Great Locations (60 Total Levels)

√ Awesome High Quality Artwork & Fun Audio

√ Casual & Challenge Difficulty

√ Earn Up To Three Stars On Each Level

√ Simple Tap/Touch Gameplay

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(Categories: Games – Adventure, Casual, Family)

(First released March 10, 2013 on Amazon)

(Development, Artwork, Design, and Audio by: Avrin Ross of 8-Bit Avrin Apps)