Ultra Fortune Ball

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From a galaxy far away in space comes Ultra Fortune Ball. This magic crystal ball will make decisions in your life easier, and help you predict the future and overcome problems. Ultra Fortune Ball is equipped with hundreds of unique answers to your everyday yes or no questions in either English or Spanish. It seems as though this fortune teller has the tendency to be correct on numerous occasions. It’s almost creepy how often it’s right when it predicts the future…

Hundreds of responses in English and Spanish/Espanol.

Features animations, and optional cinematic music, sound effects, & vibration reaction.

Open the app, choose a language, ask a question, then shake or touch the ball for an answer.

Fortunes may be serious or funny. Answers can also be motivational or awkward. Sometimes the answers to your everyday questions about life can be simply weird. This mythical ball can help reduce stress by answering simple questions you may have throughout the day. See for yourself!

For entertainment purposes only…

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(First released March 3, 2011 on Apple)

(Development, Design, Art, Music & etc by: Avrin Ross of 8-Bit Avrin Apps)