Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard

(This app is listed as Ultra Football Match Soundboard in most U.K. app stores)

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Prepare yourself for the ultimate soccer sound effects app! 

Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard features hundreds of high quality sound effects, 64 real national anthems, and sharp colorful graphics. 

This app has several sound effects including: whistles, horns, goal screams, drums, shakers, maracas, tambourines, cheering, booing, shouts, player noises and more. 

Press the button for any country on the Anthems section and the real national anthem for that country plays while the flag is fully displayed on the screen. Wave your device/flag in the air and show support for your team! 

Think you just saw a foul on the pitch? Well just press the red or yellow card button….your phone turns into a yellow or red card and a whistle is blown. The entire screen of the phone stays yellow or red until you press the screen again. Raise your device in the air and display those yellow and red cards! 

√ High Quality Authentic Sound Effects! 
√ Sharp Colorful Graphics! 
√ Real Orchestral National Anthems! 
√ Low, Medium, & High Pitch Options! 
√ No Data Connection Needed To Use This App!

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(Categories: Entertainment, Sports)

(First released May 17th 2014 on Apple)

(Development and Design by: Avrin Ross of 8-Bit Avrin Apps)

(Audio by: Avrin Ross of 8-Bit Avrin Apps and various public domain resources)



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