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Ultra Fortune Ball 4.0 Update

3 Mar

UFB 1024x500 promo banner

(Available on the Apple and Amazon App Stores)

(Free versions available on Apple, Amazon, and Google Play)

Today is a special day for me. 5 years ago I released my first app, which was Ultra Fortune Ball on the iOS App Store. I would go into more detail about this journey but it would take a while and I’m kind of in a rush right now which has been normal lately. I may write more about this journey later, but for now here are the details on the big update that went live today for Ultra Fortune Ball. Available on the Apple, Amazon, & Google Play app stores.

√ Completely updated and enhanced all of the graphics.

√ New fortunes/answers added.

√ New get fortune animation.

√ Added vibration reaction feature.

√ Faster load times.

√ New app icon.

Have fun and enjoy!

*The update for the free version is publicly shown as 4.1 instead of 4.0 on the Apple, Amazon & Google Play App Stores.

Motivational Quotes to Inspire 1.5 Update

15 Aug

MQtI promo banner _1252x656_nobadges

  •  64-bit support
  •  Faster load times
  •  Redesigned conflicting areas
  •  Improved resolutions

 (Motivational Quotes to Inspire is available for free on the Apple iOS App Store)

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs

Fireworks Showeator 1.4 Update

25 Jul

FS banner 1024x500

√ 64-bit support

√ Faster load times

√ New app icon

√ Enhanced some of the graphics

√ Universal iOS support. Now this one app works across all compatible iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad mini, & iPad) 

* The Amazon and Barnes & Noble versions are receiving an update that features faster load times, a new icon, and some enhanced graphics as well.


* This update on the Apple App Store was applied to the version of Fireworks Showeator that was previously titled “Fireworks Showeator XL” and worked only on iPad. The other smaller device version of this app that was just titled “Fireworks Showeator” is no longer supported nor available on the Apple App Store.  I decided to update the previous iPad only version of the app instead of the other one because it received more downloads in its lifetime which means more people own it. So if you bought the iPhone/iPod Touch version please contact me so I can give you a promo code for a free download of the new & improved version of Fireworks Showeator that works across all compatible iOS. (The promo code giveaway is a limited time offer.)

Professor Piggy Bank 1.5* Update

31 Mar

Banner promo_1024x500

√ Updated and enhanced coin graphics (Learn, Save, & Play modes)

√ New piggy bank colors…..copper, silver, & gold (Save mode)

√ Enhanced chalkboard graphics

√ Faster load times

√ New loading icon & app icon


(*Version 1.6 on Android app stores: Google Play, Amazon, & Barnes & Noble)

Ultra Retro Game Soundboard 1.4 Update

4 Mar

Promo banner 1024x500

  • 64-bit support (iOS)
  • Added a favorites feature! Simply hold down on a sound effect button for around 5 seconds to mark it as a favorite. If you hold down on that button again for around 5 seconds it will be unmarked. Now you’ll be able to easily remember which sounds you like the most.
  • Added new backgrounds. Some of the previous ones weren’t retro enough.
  • New loading icon
  • Faster load times

(This update went live on the Apple App Store on 02/27. Android(Amazon & Google Play) updates went live on 03/04 & 03/05. Windows version will be updated once publishing issues are resolved.)

Word Owl’s Word Search iOS Updates

28 Feb

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.39.42 PM

All four of my Word Owl’s Word Search apps on the Apple App Store received an exciting new update recently which includes;

√ 64-bit support

√ Universal device support

√ Faster load times on newer devices

√ New loading icons

When I developed the Kindergarten Edition in 2013 I thought the letter blocks on the word search would be too small for phones so I focused on tablets only during development and design for it and future Word Owl apps. However, I recently realized with the new iPhones that the screen size is big enough were these apps could be used comfortably without the problem of the screen being too small. So while I was updating these apps to have 64-bit support I decided to take some extra time to update them to support the various iPhones.

Judging from feedback, previous update numbers, and recent first day update numbers, a lot of people enjoy these apps. I’ve enjoyed developing them too and I was eager to complete these updates. All of those conclusions definitely made the extra time I squeezed in to work on these updates totally worth it. Now if you own them on your iPad you can download them on your iPhone at no charge.

Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard 1.1 Update

5 Jan

Promo image_1024x500

  • Updated some of the flags with enhanced colors
  • Changed the loading wheel
  • Reduced overall loading times

Motivational Quotes to Inspire 1.3 Update

21 Sep

MQtI promo banner _1252x656_nobadges

  • Added more quotes
  • New loading wheel
  • Fixed a broken link in the Settings section
  • Slightly changed the Settings button

Available on the Apple App Store for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.