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Massive Update on the Amazon App Store

28 Aug


I recently discovered that a lot of my apps were having irregular audio issues with random Kindle Fire HDX devices. So I spent the past weekend updating the apps that were affected when I found a resolution for this problem. I believe the issue was caused by a recent software update that didn’t like part of the code in my apps. It was an odd bug….. it didn’t affect the gameplay or usability performance of any of the apps, but it made the sound effects lag and become distorted. Almost all of my apps on the Amazon App Store were updated to resolve this problem, and most of the updates have been approved by Amazon.

Sorry for any frustration the audio issue may have caused. If you were affected by this issue please update the app or re-download it. If you weren’t affected, updating won’t disrupt the app, but you may actually notice faster load times. Also, the app development engine I use for most of my apps now offers better support for various screen sizes so I also updated some of my apps to feature full screen support!

Light Up The Tree! 1.5 Update

28 Aug
  • Light Up The Tree! was recently updated on the Apple App Store to become universal and feature full screen support for the iPad, iPod Touch, and various iPhone models.
  • New app icon(Still rolling this out on the other app stores).

Professor Piggy Bank 1.4 Update

7 May

Banner promo_Amazon

  • Enhanced some of the graphics. The app now fits different screen sizes better, and the chalkboard in the game is now on a light gray wall.
  • Improved loading times. Initial/start-up loading time is shorter, and changing between different modes is even quicker.

Word Owl’s Word Search: Kindergarten Edition 1.1 Update

26 Apr

1024x500 promo banner

  • Enhanced the background graphics
  • Fixed a problem that may cause some of the text to display oddly on certain devices
  • Fixed an issue with one of the words randomly appearing twice on a puzzle

(The new update is now available on the Apple, Amazon, Google Play and Barnes & Noble App Stores)

Updates for iOS Apps with Tweet Error

21 Feb

Recently I discovered that people were starting to get errors when trying to post a tweet from within some of my apps. So after doing some digging I found the same bug within all of the apps with twitter integration, fixed them, and submitted updates to Apple. All of the apps affected now have live updates on the Apple App Store that resolve the problem. Also, now before you post a tweet from within any of the apps you’ll be able to edit it and add words, hashtags, emoticons, & etc.

The following apps now have updates live on the Apple App Store that eliminate the tweet error and add the tweet edit functionality;

Motivational Quotes to Inspire

Chinatown Fortune Cookie

Chinatown Galleta Fortuna

Fireworks Showeator

Fireworks Showeator XL

Apps Updated with Amazon GameCircle

24 Dec

AmazonGameCircle2013 promo banner

Jumbo Egg Hunt 2 is now updated on Amazon with GameCircle achievements. There are 10 different achievements to obtain. If you’ve already accomplished some achievement(s) prior to the update just play through one level and it should update with GameCircle and become unlocked if you have it on.

Gift Wrap Difference is now updated on Amazon with a GameCircle leaderboard. Now when you obtain a high score it will be posted on the leaderboard. Your high score will still be saved in-game regardless of whether or not you have GameCircle on.

Strike the Goal is now updated on Amazon with 20 GameCircle achievements. The achievements that on are GameCircle are the same ones that were obtainable in-game before the update. You can still continue to just unlock the achievements in-game or you can turn on GameCircle and unlock them in both sections. If you’ve already accomplished some achievement(s) just go to the Achievements section in the game and it should update with GameCircle if you have it turned on.

I like achievements and leaderboards and Amazon GameCircle is neat so I hope these updates add a new layer of replay-ability and challenge. Also, all of the apps have a setting that turns GameCircle on & off so you can choose whether or not you want it incorporated while playing. Have fun!

Fully Compatible with iOS 7

5 Nov

The last few of my iOS7 app updates went live on the App Store a few days ago. So now all of my Apple apps have been updated to be fully compatible with iOS7. If you run into any problems with any of my apps randomly crashing on iOS7 please let me know. I’ve tested all 20+ new builds of my apps and everything appears to be running smoothly without any crashing.

In other news, an iPad version of Word Owl’s WordSearch: Kindergarten Edition should be arriving on the Apple App Store next week. Also, my new motivational quotes app is scheduled for release on November 8th on the Apple and Amazon App Stores!

Chinatown Fortune Cookie and Ultra Fortune Ball – App Updates

16 Jul

Updates for Chinatown Fortune Cookie and Ultra Fortune Ball are now live! Ultra Fortune Ball was updated on the Apple iOS, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble app stores. Chinatown Fortune Cookie was only updated on the Apple app store because the main update for it involved the tweet feature which is on only on the iOS version. Also, it was already optimized for tablets on the other app stores.

Chinatown Fortune Cookie 1.6 iOS update:

  • Performance improvements.
  • Added a #(hashtag) to the Twitter tweet feature.
  • Optimized the full .99 cent version for the iPad so now it’s a universal app.

Ultra Fortune Ball update (version 3.5 on Apple iOS, 1.2 on Amazon, and 1.1 on Barnes & Noble):

  • Sound setting saves when changed.
  • Updated graphics.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Optimized the full .99 cent version for the iPad so now it’s a universal app.(iOS version)