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Use This App to Cheer for your Teams in the Women’s World Cup, Copa America, & Gold Cup Tournaments

28 Jun

Cheer for your teams by playing their national anthems while waving their flags with the Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard app. See a foul on the field? You can use this app to quickly give out yellow & red cards. This app also features several sound effects including crowd noise, horns, drums and more! 64 countries flags with their respective national anthems, various sound effects, yellow & red cards with whistles, and there’s no data connection needed to do any of this with the app after downloading! Have fun and enhance your atmosphere my app Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard!

Available on the Apple App Store


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Such a wonderful time to be a fan of international soccer with these tournaments going on at the same time! Wow! I’ve been watching different matches and highlights when I can from all of the tournaments, but the Women’s World Cup 2019 has been my favorite to watch so far. In the Women’s World Cup I’m mainly rooting for U.S.A., but I’ve also been slightly going for Brazil(I know they’re out as of now) & England. In Copa America I’m mainly going for Brazil, but I’ve also slightly been going for Venezuela(go Josef Martinez!), and Paraguay(go Miguel Almiron!…but they’re out as of now). In the Gold Cup I’m mainly going for U.S.A, but I’m definitely aware that Mexico may possibly be the best team in this tournament. The final match could even be Mexico vs U.S.A if they both continue to win their respective matches!

Regardless of who wins each tournament, this has truly been some great soccer to watch so far and I’m looking forward to the remaining matches in these tournaments! Also, Euro 2020 qualifiers have been going on! Wow! So much soccer!! Enjoy!

(: *Yes I know soccer is referred to as Football/Futbol in countries outside of the U.S.* ūüôā )

May Mobile App Development Report

8 Jun

During the first part of the month I finished the UI design work for the Chinatown Fortune Cookie update. I made¬†completely new higher resolution buttons to replace the older ones, and updated the text in one of the scenes. After making the new images I added them to the app itself and slightly rearranged the positioning. Now that the look of the app is complete I’ll be working on adding new fortunes. Once the new fortunes are added I’ll incorporate the new ad network and also port the app to the Google Play app store.

The main app that I worked on in May was Professor Piggy Bank. First I enhanced resolutions for buttons & text that were left out of the previous update that featured¬†some resolution updates. After finishing those enhancements I started working on question & answer graphics. First I enhanced the resolution of some¬†original answers and then added new questions to a¬†spreadsheet. After adding new lines to that spreadsheet it resulted in the question amount in quiz mode more than doubling. After finishing additional questions¬†I worked on setting up answer graphics for the new questions as well as several other answers to be shown as other possible incorrect answers. While working on these new questions & answer graphics I also enhanced the resolution for the older questions & answers. In June I’ll be finishing the remaining images and hopefully recording new audio for the questions. I plan on hopefully being finished with the update and submitting it sometime in July.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.43.52 PM

Working on the Professor Piggy Bank update. Arranging coins in answer boxes for Quiz mode.


Towards the end of May I made a new promo banner for Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard to showcase the countries that are in the Anthems section. I did this by simply adding 32 flags to each side of the banner which in total shows the 64 countries now in the app thanks to the awesome¬†2.0 update that was recently released. June is a big international soccer/football month with two major tournaments, Copa America & Euro 2016, so I want to make sure I’m able to increase relevant¬†marketing of my soccer celebration app that also happens to feature all the countries participating in those tournaments.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.47.36 PM

Adding flags to the newest Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard banner to showcase all the countries in the Anthems section.


In June I’ll mainly continue working on the Professor Piggy Bank update, and I’ll also try to finish the Chinatown Fortune Cookie update. Some of my other apps will also be getting updates soon, but they’ll mostly be minor so I may work on some of those as well. Until next time ‚ąě

April Mobile App Development Report

8 May

App development work in April continued my current trend of working on updates. The first part of the month consisted of making new screenshots to go along with the major Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard 2.0 update. Only one of the previous screenshots would look outdated due to the update but I went ahead and made all new screenshots. Previously some of the screenshots were just plain screenshots and some consisted of a screenshot inside of a phone frame with written details. So this time I decided to use a screenshot mock-up frame app by using real in app screenshots and placing them in iPhone, iPad, & Android tablet frames. Then I used Pixelmator to arrange them and add written details pertaining to each screenshot. Doing this maximized the promo screenshot section since I made most of the screenshot images have two devices embedded with different screenshots and then each image also had additional typed info on it.

Photo Apr 11, 2 31 06 AM (1)

A collage of some screenshots and images used in the final Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard screenshots.

I’ve read in different articles that a lot of app consumers mostly pay attention to the app icon and promo screenshots when deciding to download an app which also helped me understand the importance of app presentation. My app icons have always been top-notch in my opinion. I usually try to make them somewhat minimalistic but also present a great first impression of the app itself. I used to mainly just take a few different screenshots of the app and then use them as is in the promo screenshot sections. Lately I’ve been putting more work into my screenshots to make sure they do a good job of explaining what the app is about and its features. Previously, I didn’t work on screenshots until I was finished with the app and at that point I’ve just been ready to quickly publish and submit for review. However, in the past year or so I’ve been pushing back new release & update dates or initially setting them up for later to give myself more time if needed to work on screenshots & etc.

In April I also started working on an update for Chinatown Fortune Cookie. This update will feature higher resolution graphics, 64 bit support, and more fortunes! I’ll also be changing the main ad provider for the free versions. As usual though, the ads won’t be really annoying nor take away from the usability ¬†of the app itself. Previously the real fortune cookie photos were changed to retina size for older iPhones at 960×640, and then I used a Corel painting program¬†to give the oil painting effect. For the update though I’ve gone back to the orignal 3456×2304 photo size, changed them to the iPhone 6 plus retina size of 2208×1242 and then used the painting program to add an oil painting effect similar to the one I used initially. The difference will be very noticeable especially on the newer bigger phones & tablets. This update will probably be finished in May or June and then set for release soon after.

App dev progress¬†in May will consist of more app update work containing¬†minor & major improvements. That’s all for now. Until next time ‚ąě

Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard 2.0 Update

28 Apr

USMS promo_2048x1000

The awesome 2.0 update is now live on the Apple, Amazon, & Windows app stores!

‚ąö Added 32 new countries to the Anthems section.¬†Now there’s a total of 64 different country flags & national anthems!

‚ąö Enhanced some of the previous flag images so they fit various screens better.

‚ąö Also improved overall performance which resulted in faster load times.

March Mobile App Development Report

8 Apr

App progress in March mostly consisted of work on a big update for Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard. The main feature of this update is the addition of 32 countries in the Anthems section which means 32 more flags & national anthems. With the Euro 2016 & Copa America 2016 tournaments approaching I wanted to make sure this app had all those teams in it. So I compared the list of current countries in the app with the countries¬†participating in those tournaments and added the ones missing to a new list to be added. With the added countries the total came to 50 something but instead of stopping there I eventually thought it would be neat to double the complete total to 64. It also looked better design wise to just have two full pages of 32 teams. So I ended up going in reverse a bit to¬†get the total up to 64 because I had already started the process of gathering¬†flags & anthems. To achieve this new total goal I started adding other countries like Canada, Cuba, Puerto Rico & etc. Some of the countries didn’t have highly renowned soccer/football teams but I’m sure those countries still have tons of fans.

Throughout March I worked with new flags by making flag buttons and mostly full screen flags that looked good on tablet & phone screens. The full screen flags part took a bit extra attention since it involved some trial and error on height and width adjustments. I wanted to make sure the flags appeared as full as possible without cutting out too much on smaller screens. I adjusted flag sizes in Pixelmator and added a 3D button effect to the smaller ones in Inkscape for the Anthems selection page. I also worked on the Anthems page text and layout by adding the new countries while rearranging the previous countries since I wanted to make the finished interface in alphabetical order. Then after finishing the flags I went around and gathered national anthems for all of the countries. Throughout the process of working on flags and anthems I went back into the code within the app and added the new anthems and flags for the corresponding countries.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.19.01 AM

Adding a 3D button effect to smaller flags in Inkscape.

Also one night a few days before Easter I started working on a Word Owl Easter edition game. I mainly just figured out the new main colors and edited all letter blocks with those new colors. I knew there would be no way to finish the app on time for Easter but I just felt like working on it for a bit. I didn’t decide to make an Easter version until kind of last minute in relation to the holiday approaching, but I’ll finish it sometime this year and wait to release next year about a month before Easter.¬†

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 2.37.27 AM

Working on new letter block colors in Pixelmator.

Well that’s it for now. Only a few more minutes in this day so I’m going to hurry and post this while it’s still the 8th because……..8-Bit Avrin! Until next time ‚ąě