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May Mobile App Development Report

8 Jun

During the first part of the month I finished the UI design work for the Chinatown Fortune Cookie update. I made completely new higher resolution buttons to replace the older ones, and updated the text in one of the scenes. After making the new images I added them to the app itself and slightly rearranged the positioning. Now that the look of the app is complete I’ll be working on adding new fortunes. Once the new fortunes are added I’ll incorporate the new ad network and also port the app to the Google Play app store.

The main app that I worked on in May was Professor Piggy Bank. First I enhanced resolutions for buttons & text that were left out of the previous update that featured some resolution updates. After finishing those enhancements I started working on question & answer graphics. First I enhanced the resolution of some original answers and then added new questions to a spreadsheet. After adding new lines to that spreadsheet it resulted in the question amount in quiz mode more than doubling. After finishing additional questions I worked on setting up answer graphics for the new questions as well as several other answers to be shown as other possible incorrect answers. While working on these new questions & answer graphics I also enhanced the resolution for the older questions & answers. In June I’ll be finishing the remaining images and hopefully recording new audio for the questions. I plan on hopefully being finished with the update and submitting it sometime in July.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.43.52 PM

Working on the Professor Piggy Bank update. Arranging coins in answer boxes for Quiz mode.


Towards the end of May I made a new promo banner for Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard to showcase the countries that are in the Anthems section. I did this by simply adding 32 flags to each side of the banner which in total shows the 64 countries now in the app thanks to the awesome 2.0 update that was recently released. June is a big international soccer/football month with two major tournaments, Copa America & Euro 2016, so I want to make sure I’m able to increase relevant marketing of my soccer celebration app that also happens to feature all the countries participating in those tournaments.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 6.47.36 PM

Adding flags to the newest Ultra Soccer Match Soundboard banner to showcase all the countries in the Anthems section.


In June I’ll mainly continue working on the Professor Piggy Bank update, and I’ll also try to finish the Chinatown Fortune Cookie update. Some of my other apps will also be getting updates soon, but they’ll mostly be minor so I may work on some of those as well. Until next time ∞

December Mobile App Development Report

1 Jan

Most of the app development in December happened during the first couple of weeks. After that I had some major outside of app dev happenings that needed more attention. However, even with all the other things going on I believe I ended this year in app dev land very nicely, let’s get into it…..

The first order of business was finishing Word Owl’s Word Search Third Grade. I made the main menu music which took a little longer than I anticipated. I wanted it to sound similar to my previous sight word searches but also different at the same time. I ended up making it more different from I thought I would but decided to go with it because I like what it evolved into.

During testing I decided to add a little more animation to the level complete pop up. I didn’t want it to be too aggressive since this app isn’t necessarily a level based game, its more of a continuous game. So I thought it would be nice to have different color blocks kind of flourish in the background in a somewhat orderly fashion. So I took a simple(on the outside) animation setting from a previous app, changed the images and some of the attributes and it turned out just like I wanted it to look.

After that the testing continued and then I worked on improving touch recognition so unwanted letters aren’t shown as being selected when they’re barely touched. The code in my word search games take it into consideration that unwanted blocks may be touched and it knows not to let it interfere with the correct word selections, but I wanted to show the player this by making it were those unwanted letter are less likely to show as selected.

After those improvements were made I fixed various bugs found during testing, and then I went into release mode by working on screenshots, promo images & etc. Once the app was approved I put together the Word Owl’s Word Search Classroom Bundle and submitted it for review. Unfortunately bundles have to go through a review process and it didn’t get approved until after Apple’s holiday break, but it was approved on the day they returned….better late than never! I wanted the bundle to be available once this third grade edition went live, but I can’t be too let down though because overall I’m glad Apple even has a bundle option. They’re still the only app store that allows developers & publishers to create bundles and make them available at a discounted price.

After Word Owl Third Grade was complete I decided to work on an update for Word Owl’s Word Search Christmas Edition. This update included the touch recognition improvements that I added towards the end of development on the Third Grade edition. For this update I also fixed some UI(user interface) conflicts. Basically I made the menus look better by making the text & button colors change depending on what background was selected. 

Then during the last week of December I stayed up late one night and worked on new graphics for Ultra Fortune Ball! Yeap, the first app I ever developed and published is getting a nice well deserved makeover on the outside design and inside code. Aiming to have this finished in January and then released within the same month or February depending on what day it’s complete.