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Several New Videos Added to YouTube & Website

15 Mar

One of the goals in my 2019 Manifesto is to promote my apps more with video. To start this goal I made a list of the apps I wanted to make videos of. I know how significant and beneficial it can be to have video to showcase something so I wanted to do that for some of my apps that I hadn’t made videos for yet. I also decided to make a video for some of my apps that already had one because they’ve improved since release with noticeable updates and I thought those changes needed to be displayed beyond just screenshots. As of now I’ve created & uploaded videos for all the apps that I had on my list. I also made videos for some of my Alexa Skills as well. Below is a list of all the mobile apps and Alexa skills that have new videos uploaded on my YouTube channel along with their respective links.


Mobile Apps

Professor Piggy Bank

Zompy Jumpy

Ultra Fortune Ball

Quiz of Medicine

RX Quiz of Pharmacy

Quiz of the Christian Bible

Lightspeed Bit Bit

Saving Bunnies

8-Bit Eagle Smash


Alexa Skills

Quiz of Medicine Brands & Generics

Quiz of Finance & Investing Definitions

Quiz of Medicine Indications



Two Day Mobile App Facebook Ad Campaign Results

11 Jan

I ran a quick two-day ad campaign on Facebook for my app, Ultra Big Celebration Soundboard. It was a new app and it’s associated with New Years so I expected downloads to be decent during this time, but I wanted to give it a little extra push by running an ad campaign. It was a broad Apple device targeted campaign in a few countries, and I only spend a few dollars overall, but I’m satisfied with the results. Still testing Facebook ad campaigns to see if it’s worth it, but I think I’ll probably include them in my future marketing plans. Here’s the recent advertisement results.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.50.41 PM

Placement: Where your ad was served on Facebook, for example on Newsfeed on a mobile device.

Reach: The number of people your ad was served to.

Frequency: The average number of times your ad was served to each person.

Impressions: The number of times your ad was served. On our mobile apps an ad is counted as served the first time it’s viewed. On all other Facebook interfaces, an ad is served the first time it’s placed in a person’s News Feed or each time it’s placed in the right column.

Clicks: The total number of clicks on your ad. Depending on what you’re promoting, this can include Page likes, event responses or app installs.

Unique Clicks: The total number of unique people who have clicked on your ad. For example, if 3 people click on the same ad 5 times, it will count as 3 unique clicks.

(Descriptions from Facebook. All rights go to them.)