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Video of the Jesus Said Amazon Alexa Skill is now on YouTube

19 Feb


The Jesus Said Alexa skill video is now up on YouTube and right here on my site via YouTube. I made this skill in 2018 and didn’t think it needed a video because it’s kind of to the point of what the skill is about and used for from just the title. I made videos last year for one of my other Alexa skills and some of my mobile apps, but skipped doing one for this skill. I was wrong on that decision to skip this one. Video is an important marketing tool and basically a great way to showcase software no matter what the subject matter is. So today I finally set up my mini-tripod, one of my Echo Dots(given to me by Amazon) and made a quick video of me simply using this skill. I set out to make the video around 1-3 minutes of me just activating the skill and it giving me a response. After a simple editing in iMovie on iOS and finalizing the video it came out to 2 minutes and 19 seconds, and when I saw that final timestamp, I immediately thought of todays date which is…..02-19! What a coincidence! I thought that was neat, so I made sure to definitely upload it today as well.

This Jesus Said skill features a large assortment of verses from Jesus in the Bible. Features verses from the books of Matthew, John, Luke, Mark, Revelation & more. In certain editions of the Holy Bible these would be also known as the “red text” which is believed to be the words spoken by Jesus Christ. The verses within this skill were pulled from the King James version of the Bible. Jesus Said is available for free on the Amazon Alexa Skill store. Take care! Enjoy!