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Updates for iOS Apps with Tweet Error

21 Feb

Recently I discovered that people were starting to get errors when trying to post a tweet from within some of my apps. So after doing some digging I found the same bug within all of the apps with twitter integration, fixed them, and submitted updates to Apple. All of the apps affected now have live updates on the Apple App Store that resolve the problem. Also, now before you post a tweet from within any of the apps you’ll be able to edit it and add words, hashtags, emoticons, & etc.

The following apps now have updates live on the Apple App Store that eliminate the tweet error and add the tweet edit functionality;

Motivational Quotes to Inspire

Chinatown Fortune Cookie

Chinatown Galleta Fortuna

Fireworks Showeator

Fireworks Showeator XL

Chinatown Fortune Cookie and Ultra Fortune Ball – App Updates

16 Jul

Updates for Chinatown Fortune Cookie and Ultra Fortune Ball are now live! Ultra Fortune Ball was updated on the Apple iOS, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble app stores. Chinatown Fortune Cookie was only updated on the Apple app store because the main update for it involved the tweet feature which is on only on the iOS version. Also, it was already optimized for tablets on the other app stores.

Chinatown Fortune Cookie 1.6 iOS update:

  • Performance improvements.
  • Added a #(hashtag) to the Twitter tweet feature.
  • Optimized the full .99 cent version for the iPad so now it’s a universal app.

Ultra Fortune Ball update (version 3.5 on Apple iOS, 1.2 on Amazon, and 1.1 on Barnes & Noble):

  • Sound setting saves when changed.
  • Updated graphics.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Optimized the full .99 cent version for the iPad so now it’s a universal app.(iOS version)

Lightspeed Bit Bit 1.4 Update (Apple)

21 Aug

√ Added Game Center Achievements! 14 achievements for a total of 1,000 points!

Achievements!!! Everybody likes achievements/trophies right?!? Well I do and I know several other gamers that do as well. I game mostly on the PS3 & Xbox 360, but Apple’s Game Center is nice also. The three game modes in Lightspeed Bit Bit are well-suited for achievements, and some of them are quite ambitious.  So lightspeeders, are you up for the challenge? Have fun!

Strike The Goal 1.1 Update

10 Aug

Strike The Goal 1.1 update has been approved and is live on the Amazon App Store for Android. It will be available on the Apple App Store as soon as they approve it.

Update description:

√ Added a Facts on/off button. Now you can decide whether or not you want the random facts to appear before each match.

√ Fixed the bug with the Ghana & Ivory Coast exhibition matches. Previously, stars from the Ghana match were going towards Ivory Coast and vice versa.

Chinatown Fortune Cookie – Version 1.1 Update

22 Apr

Version 1.1 of Chinatown Fortune Cookie went live on the Apple App Store Friday(4/20).  It will be going live on the Amazon AppStore soon.  This update includes the following;

√ Improved performance.

 √ Added more fortunes.

 √ Added Twitter integration.  Now you can tweet your fortune! (Only supported by Apple iOS 5.0 & above)

Ultra Fortune Ball Receives A New Update

25 Jan

Ultra Fortune Ball received a new update today.  In the newest version of Ultra Fortune Ball(3.0) I did the following;

*Decreased loading times.

*Enhanced some of the graphics to display at retina resolution on the newer iPhones & iPods.

*Added a link to my other apps in the Credits section.

*Changed the backgrounds.

-Thank you all for downloading this app.  Have a great day!