Joining a 3 Week App Contest. “Codename Bit” on hold.


Well I’ve decided to join the three-week TOTB app challenge that starts today on GameSalad.  Even though I’m about 75% with my current app “Codename Bit” I’ve decided to put it on a temporary hold and join this contest.  I decided to join because it sounded like an interesting challenge, the prizes are great, and it might get my name out there more to help my current and future apps.  The goal is basically to make an app that’s “Thinking Outside of The Box” using a specific theme in a three-week time frame.  The theme wasn’t announced until today which added to the build up of this challenge which I found out about like a week ago.  The game theme is “The Ocean”.  So basically I need to make a game that’s related to the ocean and/or ocean elements like submarines, fish, sharks, shells, tsunamis, and etc.  Here’s a little breakdown on the challenge…

After three weeks we must submit a video of our game that was made using the GameSalad Dev Tool to the judges and a short description of why our game is outside of the box.  There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place game and also prizes/awards for best “Game Originality”, “Game Play”, and “Use of Audio and Graphics”.  There’s a specific scoring system that the judges will use which is available for us to view and the goal is for developers to create original and compelling game ideas for the iPhone, iPad, and/or the Mac store.  All of the art, sounds, and etc must belong to the developer or be non-licensed/commercial free.  One of the judges and main person behind the contest made a website with more details at

GameSalad is one of the main tools I use to develop my apps and the community over there is great and very helpful.  This contest is great and adds to how awesome it is there.  Developers participating are encouraged to start a thread on the forums on the progress of their apps for the contest.  I’ve started one over there and will be posting some update on my progress there and also here on my website.  I just started a couple of hours ago on my app and the name, concept and main character art is done.  I’ll be making all of the art and audio myself which is one of my favorite parts of developing games and of course developing the game itself. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to finish my app within the three weeks, but my life is so busy with a full-time job, wife and our awesome child, and etc that I might not so no guarantees from me.  However, when I do finish the game I will test it thoroughly, release it on the Apple app store for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and then shift my app focus back to “Codename Bit.”  Well enough yapping and back to working on this awesome app of mine as well as all the other things in my busy life.  Weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Joining a 3 Week App Contest. “Codename Bit” on hold.

  1. Well I finished all the audio and artwork a few days ago and everything is going great except for my lack of sleep. I also work a normal full time desk job, take care of my son, do the majority of the house cleaning and etc so I don’t have very much free time unless I cut into my sleep time. Its been a bit stressful and tiring but it was my choice to join this contest and I plan on finishing this app in time. I’ll also be releasing it in the Apple app store after it gets tested on different devices extensively and I’ll polish it some more as well if needed. There’s a rush to get this game done for this 3 week competition, but I’m not going to rush it into app market.

    I’ll be working on the final levels later today and continuing to work on some smaller things like text fading and transitions. Besides being tired at times, I’m having a great time working on this game. It’s really neat and I don’t think there’s any other game out there like it at all. The graphics and style/look/feel of this game is great. It’s kind of retro but kind of modern I guess. I finished the sound effects and music theme yesterday and they add a lot to the game. I’ll try to drop a few screenshots on the forums for the contest and on here later and maybe even make a quick video too if I have time.

  2. Well a couple days ago I started getting frustrated with my game. It started to become a bit too odd in my opinion which made it kind of sloppy. It became less fun and more tedious. So I pondered and pondered for a while on what to do. I even went back and started working on the app I put on hold because its so fun and way more exciting to work on, but then bam! last night a couple great ideas sparked and now I’m in it with a totally different game.

    Luckily I’m still going with the pixel art style so I can still use some of the graphics I already made. Well enough yapping, back to work! I’ll try to post some pics later of my new stuff and maybe my older stuff I was working on but no guarantees. I have some catching up to do. Only like 2 weeks left!!!

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