Three App Updates on Apple


Ultra Fortune Ball 3.4

Chinatown Fortune Cookie 1.5 

Chinatown Galleta Fortuna 1.3

What’s new: Enhanced text appearance. (Retina resolution text for supported devices.)

–This update applies to the Apple App Store. The apps with an Android version on Amazon already feature enhanced text. —


Developer notes: 

Previously the text on a couple of my apps appeared slightly blurry, even on iDevices with retina displays. This minor annoyance only affected a couple of my apps on the Apple App Store, but the same exact apps weren’t affected in their Android format. Recently the engine I used on those apps released an update that fixed the text appearance problem that affected Apple binaries. My apps that were still affected by the slightly blurry text problem are text heavy apps so I thought it was of importance to update them. So this update is minor on the inside, but major aesthetically. The majority of people who download my apps don’t leave reviews, and I’ve never received a review that mentioned this minor problem, but I felt the need to fix it regardless.


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