New Educational Game for Children Coming Soon!


Word Owl’s Wordsearch: Kindergarten Edition is a neat educational word search game that features words from numerous sight word lists from real kindergarten classes in different schools. It’s targeted for kids at or around the kindergarten education level. I’ve scheduled it for release on September 8th on the Apple(for iPad), Amazon, and Barnes & Noble app stores. 

1024x500 promo banner

More information about “sight words”

(Sight words are commonly used words that children are encouraged to memorize as a whole by sight, so that they can automatically recognize these words when they see them without having to use any distracting strategies. Sight words account for a large percentage of the words used in literature for children. One advantage for children being able to recognize sight words automatically is that the child will be able to identify the majority of words in a book before they even attempt to read it. When the child is able to do that they’ll be able to concentrate on the meaning and comprehension as they read without having to stop to figure out the actual word.)


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